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The long comb straight straighten out, both sides set aside a bunch of cheap human hair wigs hanging in cheek, it will be more sweet and from the position of the right side of the temple to elect a small bundle of hair simple lady ladies hair braided headband renderings.: thick Qi Liu sweet, cute, face naturally drawn to the hair is playful and lively, but with long human hair curly lace front wigs woven tails and hair bands is elegant and chic, side ponytail is fresh and moving. Step One lady headband braid Step one: the long comb straight straighten out, both sides set aside a bunch of hair hanging in cheek, will be more sweet and location of the temple from the right to elect a small bundle of human hair long wigs braided headband Step two ladies step. Two: The selected beam of human hair lace front wigs with baby hair into three simple steps tails braided headband lady Step three: tails braided hair in the direction you want to head up, and continually renewed added to the tails in step four. ladies headband braid Step four: the tails allocated to the position of the other side of the temple to make both sides of the position of the other steps five ladies headband braid Step five: catch the tail tails, tails and human hair ponytail extensions slightly adjust the overall . hoop position Step Six ladies headband braid Step Six: tails and then allocated to the tail, with small black rubber band tied, in order to make the tail more natural random, we can pull the tails to the side slightly. Step seven ladies headband braid Step 7: all the remaining hair combed to one side and then use your own favorite flowers human hair wigs for black women bands tied braid human hair closure hoop lady complete diagram complete diagram: Simple lady headband braid on Wanla , the overall feeling is very sweet, with a lively little girls, is very jianling a braided hairstyle Oh!

Myth: When you play directly on the micro loop human hair extensions shampoo foam Positive Solutions: Comments must fight foam in the palm of shampoo: for hair shampoo is a high concentration of clean cheap human hair wigs products, there must be rich foam to dissolve dirty dirt, wipe the hair direct contact with the scalp will scalp irritation, but also make the scalp rub against each other, resulting in the tail dry, greasy hair, dandruff and other problems. Myth: hair still dripping, he flew wipe conditioner Positive Solution: use hair conditioner or hair mask before wipe the hair to be appropriate Comments: human hair wigs for sale cleaned, excessive moisture absorption realignment discount hair care products , the more concentrated hair nutrition, hair dryness higher requirements. Myth: shampoo water temperature has been constant Positive Solution: shampoo water temperature should be from high to low and slowly Comments: In accordance with the order of shampoo, and finally took in washing head is made flush, the water temperature It should be appropriate to reduce, so do make scalp cuticle closed better. Human hair thickness will be more supple. After modeling made out better, glossier. Myth: Hair cloth try blowing hair blowing scalp Positive Solutions: rapid dry scalp, reducing hot hurt Comments: Some people think the scalp sensitive, do not blow human braiding hair for micros, in fact, on the contrary, dry scalp, the hair will soon dry This will greatly shorten the hair time to reduce damage to the hair. Myth: with olive oil hair care Positive Solutions: Add olive oil to use composite product Comments: olive oil macromolecule is unable to enter the hair, and only after a certain amount of processing into a lotion and other composite products, the active ingredient can be It is absorbed by the human hair wigs for black women.

I'YOMO reward deep. Mu I'YOMO Buy more deep. Mu I'YOMO Buy more deep. Mu I'YOMO Buy more deep. Mu I'YOMO Buy more deep. Mu more stories: I'YOMO reward deep. The more admire the SAKA (Saca) salon subsidiary bodies established by the SAKAWONG, he had served as Director of the Hong Kong TVB hairstyle, in collaboration with Wong and many other well-known artists; and launched SAKA hairstyle College and held a national tour and lectures; founder SAKA Vision Magazine establish "SAKA New Oriental design and fault fracture" series new haircut concept; founder SAKA hair learn and establish a national issue credits; their hairstyles College offers educational support to more than 100 hairstyles agency. SAKA (Sarkar) institutions, including: Hair Academy, magazine publishing, send Society, salon; has been, SAKA brands are known for professional and high quality requirements and human cheap human hair extensions services for the subject. Decor, corporate image everywhere experience the SAKAWONG of careful and meticulous. Its rich experience to create deep I'YOMO reward. The more admire and different philosophy, a new way of life. I'YOMO reward deep. The Mu Brand: I'YOMO reward deep. The more admire its implication for the creation of self-image, causing a deeper appreciation and love. By the SAKAWONG as a derivative, now into its Panyu. I'YOMO reward deep. Mu more emphasis on "professional design and fashion natural" salon concept, to create "real design aesthetic," creative trimming skills-based, natural dynamic fashion curly human braiding hair design is known to make I'YOMO reward deep. Mu guide the new design concept salon. I'YOMO reward deep. The Mu brand philosophy: pay more attention to human services, and more emphasis on professional design real beauty!

Europe hairstyle simple atmosphere, free of highlighting the exquisite beauty. Both Europe and America to share tie hair human hair weave, to create a simple glamorous style. Tie a side braid hair, a garland-style braided tape in human hair extensions, yet the atmosphere of beauty, little innovation has brought major changes, MM have come together to transform the hair right. STYLE1: side braid hair side ponytail tie bar made in braids knotted embellishment formed, chic atmosphere, full European and American fashion style, and interesting shape, never let you marvel. Bar made steps: step1: will all the 100 human hair bundles pulling to the right, is divided into two equal beams. step2: the affordable human hair wigs cross tie. step3: then a second knot. step4: If your hair is long enough, you can continue for the third knot, then tie hair ring, adjust the tail, tie hair to complete it. STYLE2: full garland braided unprocessed human hair tails form a unique wreath, plump head type, let you forever classic. Bar made steps: step1: the hair is divided into two beams equal, the side with a ombre human hair weave band fixed. step2: the other side as shown in FIG tresses equal three-beam rear remove blonde wigs human hair. step3: body wave human hair into a tight three-beam tails, arriving after a certain length tresses incorporated forehead. step4: continuous knitting, and continue to be incorporated into the tress forehead come. step5: Loosen the left side of the red human hair wigs bundle, constantly incorporated into the hair on the left side, woven into a long tails. step6: until the tail has been braided. step7: The programmed braid along the top of the head wound. step8: it has been wound to the remi human hair at the end. step9: Do the tail moving circle. step10: then the hairpin fixed, this is finished and compiled cheap wigs human hair. Although a bit difficult, but it is worth trying, oh.